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Miles and the Enchanted Key


Meet Miles, an imaginative 10-year-old boy who discovers a mysterious key that opens a portal to a magical world. As he steps through, he finds himself in a land of talking animals, hidden treasures, and mythical creatures. With his new friends, he embarks on a quest to retrieve the stolen Crown of the Moon from an evil sorceress.

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The Lost Oasis


In Miles’s next thrilling adventure, the scorching heart of the desert holds secrets that time itself has forgotten. An ancient oasis, once teeming with life and magic, has vanished without a trace. But Miles is not alone on this perilous journey. With his trusty animal companions by his side, he must embark on a quest that will challenge his wit, courage, and determination.

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Caverns of Whispers


Miles, Ollie, and Scout embark on a quest to decipher an ancient prophecy, facing challenges and adversaries as they strive to prevent a dragon’s awakening and protect their world from chaos. Along the way, they discover the importance of courage, wisdom, and friendship, reinforcing the enduring bond that binds them as adventurers.

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Young readers will be enthralled by the lush descriptions and imaginative settings, while older readers will appreciate the depth of the storytelling and the meaningful life lessons woven into the narrative.

miles review

In the quiet of the night, wisdom whispers. Listen to the world, and you'll discover its boundless wonders.

Words of Wisdom from Ollie